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Nisreen Dbayat Bitar

Nisreen Dbayat Bitar is Hand in Hand’s first community organizer in Nazareth-Illit, a position she has held since February 2019. As part of her job, she is working on building a joint community of Arabs and Jews in the city in order to build a kindergarten there in September of this year. She lives in Nazareth-Illit with her husband and daughter.

Nisreen is a speech pathologist by profession. She holds a BA and an MA from Tel Aviv University, as well as a teaching certificate for paramedics. Over the years, she has worked to treat patients through various educational and therapeutic frameworks, and to train other practitioners in those frameworks as well. She has also dealt with translation from Hebrew to Arabic, including dubbing computer games for children with special needs, and has worked to advance cancer awareness amongst the Arab population.


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